Stream Spotify to Raspberry

This is a very easy way to stream Spotify to your Raspberry. Use Raspotify for it!

Raspotify is a Debian package and associated repository which thinly wraps the awesome librespot library by Paul Lietar and others. It works out of the box on all three revisions of the Pi, immediately after installation.

Connect your raspberry using 3.5mm jack to your hifi, or use hdmi as an output or connect your bluetooth speaker to you Raspberry en stream your favorite Spotify songs to the Raspberry. All you need is a one line command.

If you want to learn more about Raspotify, or remove Raspotify check the github page on : https://github.com/dtcooper/raspotify

Music please!

					curl -sL https://dtcooper.github.io/raspotify/install.sh | sh