Perfect (home) Server on Raspberry Pi 4 (1/4)

What to buy?

If you have a good (fiber) internet connection at home it will be nice to host your own websites. So let's build a hosting environment using a Raspberry Pi. 
For this project I used a Raspberry Pi4 8GB with a 512GB M2 SATA SSD in a nice casing from Argon.
Raspberry Pi 4 8GB with 3A USB-C Powersupply will cost you around +/- € 105,00
Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB
Argon One M2 SSD Raspberry Pi 4 Case
With M.2 SATA SSD 512 GB +/- € 145,00
Argon One M2 SATA Raspberry Pi 4 Casing
Argon case
Micro Sd card 32 gb +/- € 15,00
32 GB Micro Sd card
If you don't have a (Windows/Linux/Apple) system that can handle SD cards, grab something like this. +/- € 7,50
USB-C / USB 3 Cardreader
So depending on your budget and where you get your gear, the hardware will cost about € 250,00

If you choose to work with only a large Micro SD card, then you can get yourself the smaller version of the Argon One case without the SATA M2 SSD Expansion and a 4GB Raspberry Pi which will save you some money.